Thomas and Friends Birthday Party

Hi! So happy to be back! This was last year’s birthday party for my baby boy! He was turning 3 YEARS OLD!! I just can’t believe how fast time flies. So my son absolutely loves Thomas and friends trains, like obsessed.  So it was obvious that his birthday would be Thomas themed.  The good thing about having a Thomas-themed is that they actually sell Thomas birthday supplies, unlike the previous birthday party I had for him! (see “Bubble Guppies Party” post)  This party was so much easier because of that.  Many of these ideas were inspired by ideas I found on Pinterest.  I think it’s helpful to people who are looking for a Thomas-themed party to see a bunch of simple ideas all on one page versus many ideas scattered and you get to see how it all goes together.  So let’s begin:

The Food:

I decided to do a couple of cute foods in addition to the traditional birthday food (e.g. hamburgers/hotdogs) because I just have to when I do a party 🙂 These were ideas I found on Pinterest, but I have linked the original pinned to these pictures.  They are super easy and cute!


 And of course the cake or should I say cakes! As I said in my previous birthday party post, it’s tradition for my grandmother to make a cake for every person’s birthday party.  So knowing this, I made one cake vanilla and she made the chocolate cake, so everyone would be happy.

thomas party6

My grandmother’s cake!!

thomas party5

The cake I made!

thomas party4

Inspired by Pinterest!

The Decor:

All the decor came from Party City.  They had Thomas EVERYTHING!! Invitations, plates, napkins, party favors, balloons, Happy Birthday Banner, etc.

The invitations were very simple, yet cute.  They came with an envelope and Thomas themed stickers too!

Thomas Invitations-frontThomas Invitation-backFrom: Party City

thomas party10

thomas party3

thomas party9

I bought this cupcake stand and the cupcake liners before realized I wasn’t making cupcakes, so I just put the little snacks I made in the liners and set them out on the stand. Super Cute!!

thomas party11

As you can see it was all Thomas themed products! (So simple)

thomas party12thomas party13

Inspired by HWTM

Even decided to make train tracks for my little guy (with the help of my sister, considering I was 5-6 months pregnant:-) )

thomas party14 thomas party15

Although this is technically not “decor” it did help bring the decorations into other parts of the house.  It’s a “Pin the Funnel on The Engine” game.  The kids loved it.

thomas party7

The Handsome Birthday Train Engineer!!

He even had a his and his auntie Emma’s elves help out with the party!!

thomas party16

Once again, it was a successful party and I loved it more because my son was able to enjoy it more as well.  Now that he’s older he gets to enjoy the games and especially the cake eating party of parties.  Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this Thomas and Friends themed birthday party! Feel free to comment your favorite part of this party or you’re own ideas for a Thomas party! Thanks again!!

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