It’s been a while!!

Oh wow! I know it’s been forever! I have just been busy with life and a 7 month old who has decided that sleeping at night is no longer fun.  So I’m really sorry.  I hate it’s been so long, for real.  Hopefully now that I’ve just gotten use to not sleeping I can get back to sharing my knowledge of random stuff! Thanks to everyone for continuing interest on my blog! Plan on a new post soon!


How did I name my blog??

Ok, so I read something that it is customary for the blogger to explain how they came up with their blog name. It took me about a day (on and off) of thinking of a name.  I wanted something personal, but not too detailed in case I decided to change my mind about my blogging topic.  I went through numerous ideas.  At first, I thought I would only blog about food recipes, but then realized I don’t have that many right now and that’s not all I love to do.  I remembered how much I love planning parties.  My mom always said I needed to be a party planner.  I planned my first party (which was a surprise baby shower) at 19 years old.  Seems so long ago that I was 19 years old.  Wow time flies. (Sorry about my tangent) I was planning the baby shower for my mom who decided to have her last baby girl when I was 19 years old (almost 20).  She has 3 daughters, each are 10 years apart.  So I have two baby sisters, one is 10 years younger than me and the other is 20 years younger than me.  However, I love them girls like they were my own babies.  I always refer to them as my first and second babies.  (Another tangent)  Maybe I’ll do a post, if I can find some pictures, of that baby shower.

Anyways, I was going to go with something with “Nerdy mommy” in the title.  I consider myself a nerd of sorts.  After trying different ideas, nothing was working.  They were just too long or didn’t make sense.  So I ditched the “nerdy” part and then I started thinking about “what is my blog going to be about”.  I kept thinking “parties and food”, “parties and food”, “parties and food”.  Then I really started getting creative.  I thought about maybe using some Spanish since I am living in El Salvador and it’s becoming a big part of my life.  “Fiesta!” Fiesta and food, was good but I wasn’t sure if that was it.  After writing it out a few times and saying it to myself, it stuck with me.  I decided this was my blog name.  It was very simple, explanatory, yet at the same time unique, which are all the things I wanted.  It was not as personal as I had wanted, but I figured I could just use my posts, recipes, pictures, etc., to add my personality to this blog.  So Fiestas and Food was born!! I declare July 23 ‘Fiestas and Food’ Day!!! YAY!!