Safari Birthday Party!

This party I am going to discuss was my baby boy’s 1st birthday party…So I might be a little emotional thinking about it.  I can’t believe he will be 4 in less than 5 months. 😦 Time goes by too fast! Also I didn’t get as many pictures as I would like, therefore this is going to be somewhat short.  Anyways, before he was born I had decided on a safari animal theme for this crib bedding (and the nursery I never got to decorate). When his first birthday came around, I wasn’t sure what to do since he hadn’t started watching TV and therefore did not have a favorite cartoon or anything.  I looked online and saw the little safari animal themes for 1st birthdays.  I decided why not.  It turned out so much better than I believe it would.

When I decide on a theme, I kind of get a little obsessed with that theme and everything has to go with the color, characters, etc.  As my first birthday party I would say it went well.  Also, I want to throw in the fact that my family are very picky-eaters.  For example, I bought the Walmart brand of mayo instead to Dukes and I got an earful about that. HA!  I’ve always been considered the weird on because I eat things outside of “norm” for my family and yet I am still considered a picky-eater by most people, including my hubby.  With that said, I knew that I would be making hamburgers and hotdogs for this party because there would be no doubt in mind my family would eat that.

Anyways, I went looking at local party stores to find the plates, cups, birthday banner, etc.  At that time we were stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC.  I found the perfect ones.  They were so cute.  I can’t find any pictures of the plates, napkins, or cups but they were the same theme.  Here’s the banner:


Look at my birthday boy! The local party store had the bib, highchair banner, and mat to go under the highchair (easy cleanup)!


When I was planning this, I decide to make my theme everywhere, including with the food. (I told you I get obsessed!)

  405947_10100121113509601_2003936668_n     IMG_4533


(Found the “Tiger Tails” idea on a website, so I can’t take the credit for it, but unfortunately I cannot remember which one it was)

IMG_4537     IMG_4534


Ok so these “Monkey Meals” were suppose to be chocolate covered bananas, but for some reason the chocolate wouldn’t stay on the bananas (I think that it was too thick) so my sister improvised and this was what they turned out to be.  Oh well, can’t expect everything to go perfect.  This was the only thing that went wrong so I can’t complain.


These cupcakes were made by me and I must admit they were delicious!  I made the cupcakes with white cake (from the box) and the icing was lime cream cheese frosting.   I just lined the inside of my frosting bag with some black gel dye then, added the white frosting and this was the results.  Super easy!!

IMG_4529     IMG_4530

These cakes were made by my grandmother (the birthday boy’s great-grandma).  It’s tradition in our family for my grandmother to make a cake for any and every family event.  I had asked her to make only one cake because I knew I would be making the cupcakes but she got excited and made two! 🙂 They were yummy so whatever!

So for my first birthday party it was an ok party! Nothing too special but it turned out good.  It was simple but I hope you like the simple food ideas for your safari party!  Just thinking, this would be some cute ideas for a baby shower too!!

Any one else have any good ideas for their safari themed party? Post a comment and let me know what you thought of my party, post, or both!!